Navae is a psychic, an empath, a practicing witch, & spiritual advisor. She has been a Tarot Consultant for over 22 years. She is a pagan priestess & teacher of esoteric subjects such as witchcraft & psychic self defense. She is available for phone & Skype readings on Like her on Facebook @ navi's nook to get her latest insights on witchcraft, magic, herbal lore, & her latest classes & specials.
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Rebel Moon is Sunday, August 10–Full moon in Aquarius

 full moon

Full Moon in Aquarius on Sunday, August 10

Moon in Aquarius is known as the Rebel Moon.

Aquarius is a fixed Air sign.

 Often thought of as a Water sign, the Water Bearer is very much ruled by the element of Air.

 Aquarius is the Free Thinker, The Eccentric, The Unpredictable, and the Untamable.

This moon encourages you to FLY YOUR FREAK FLAG!

Fly it high and see how it flies…

How are you an…

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The New Moon is Saturday, July 26

new moon keyThe New Moon is Saturday, July 26.  It is a New Moon is LEO…so let your hair down and ROAR!!!!

The New Moon is the time to LET GO of what now longer serves you.  To SET FREE all that is bogging your down.  Leo is a Fire sign and is ruled by the SUN.. So Hail the Sun, our Light bringer, our source of warmth and life on this planet.

How do you shine?

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Prepare for the next full moon-July 12, 2014

The next Full Moon is July 12, 2014.

What do you want to manifest in your life in the next month?

What do you want to call in and cultivate into your life? into yourself?

Are you ready to EMPOWER yourself and ASK the UNIVERSE for what you WANT?

full moon ablaze atop


The Full Moon is an opportunity to work with the cosmic forces to bring about change in your life.  This Full Moon Wishing…

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Happy Full Moon, lovelies!

Happy Full Moon, lovelies! Moon in Sagittarius.  Sun in Gemini. Mercury is retrograde. Maybe a good time to lay low…as in GROUND yourself.

The Magicakl Rue Plant & Plant Spirit Allies

The Rue Plant


Latin:  Ruta Graveolens

It is a Witchy herb through and through. If you are a magical practitioner, witch, or otherwise, this is a plant to get to know.

In Italian Witchcraft or ‘Stregheria’, as it is also known, the Cimaruta, or ‘spring of rue’ charm is a fantastic Witch Amulet worn for warding off evil.

images-1The Cimaruta

This charm often has a moon, a key, a rooster head, a…

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Congratulations to the winner of our May Give-away!

banner9 EMAIL

Archer Moon Creations is happy to announce May’s Winner of our Monthly Give-away!


Lana will receive this Love Spell Pillar candle made with all natural Palm Wax, infused with Rose Essential oil, Rose Petals, Vanilla Beans, & Clove buds.

Empowered to bring Love into your life, Enhance the Love already present, and to Create a Romantic Mood with that Special Someone!

Smells fantastic!  Like a…

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paddle board

Living in coastal Florida has it’s perks.  For example, today I wake up and drive less than 5 minutes and I’m looking glorious water.  Amazing!

If you haven’t experienced Stand-up Paddle Boarding, I suggest you do, if you are physically able.  It is such a Zen experience.  I learn so many powerful lessons every time I do this.

Today, I learned about the Will of the Wind. My dear friend and I had…

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